Groups and Societies

Get involved with your local CBA group or archaeological society to discover more about the archaeology of your local area, and meet like-minded archaeology enthusiasts.  

CBA Groups 

The Council for British Archaeology works with eleven local CBA groups in England and Wales, and in Scotland with our sister organisation, Archaeology Scotland.  

Groups carry out a range of activities at a local level: providing advice and information about archaeology in each area, promoting participation, offering guidance on best practice, and getting involved in safeguarding heritage in their area. They also run their own events programmes and hands-on training activities

All the groups welcome new members, in exchange for a nominal fee to support their activity. Many of them also run grant schemes to help assist projects in their area and aspiring archaeologists.

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England & Wales 

CBA East blank logo.png

CBA East

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CBA London blank logo.png

CBA London

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CBA South East blank logo.png

CBA South East

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CBA Wessex resized 2.jpg

CBA Wessex

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CBA South Midlands logo.png

CBA South Midlands

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CBA East Midlands blank logo.png

CBA East Midlands

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CBA West Midlands blank logo.png

CBA West Midlands

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CBA Yorkshire blank logo.png

CBA Yorkshire

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CBA North Blank logo.png

CBA North

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CBA North West blank logo.png

CBA North West

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CBA Wales blank logo.png

CBA Wales/Cymru

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Northern Ireland 

The CBA also works in Northern Ireland alongside our partners in the Northern Ireland Archaeology Forum.

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