Grant Schemes

Many of the CBA Groups run their own small grant schemes to help support archaeological study, aspiring archaeologists, or local history projects in their area. An overview of these schemes can be found below, with further information provided on the different group's website pages. 

CBA East  

CBA East awards individual grants of up to £250 in support of archaeological study. They are keen to support a broad range of activities, but particularly wish to promote education, research, public awareness, and participation in the region's archaeology.     

The criteria for these grants are flexible and therefore they are appropriate for both individuals and newly formed groups who are seeking funding. CBA East also welcomes applications from young people who live in the region.   

Applications should be submitted by 31 December each year. For further information and how to apply, visit the CBA East website.  

CBA East Midlands 

CBA East Midlands offers small grants for archaeological research and projects within its five counties (Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, and Rutland). Grants are usually for amounts of up to £1000, although slightly larger grants are considered. 

To apply you must be a member of the CBA or the CBA East Midlands group. Grants are available to individuals, archaeological societies, groups, or units. Any applications are considered at the next scheduled CBA-EM committee meeting.  

For details of the grant conditions, the application form, and examples of past grants awarded, please visit the CBA East Midlands website.

CBA London

CBA London has limited funds available to award a number of small grants. These are available to individuals or community-based groups working within the London region, for non-profit activities, such as research, outreach, or publication. The grants should be associated with projects or events that relate to the history or archaeology of Greater London. 

Applications can be received at any time of year and will be reviewed at the next convenient meeting of the CBA London trustees’ committee.  

The application form, along with the terms and conditions can be downloaded from the CBA London website.

CBA North West

CBA North West offers grants of up to £500 for individuals and groups within Chesire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and Merseyside, to undertake archaeological projects in the region. Examples of suitable projects include equipment to study a local site, publication costs for reports, educational visits, and materials for a local history display. 

If you wish to apply for a grant, please complete the online form on the CBA North West website.

CBA South East

CBA South East provides a fund for scholarly archaeological research in the region. Grants can be used for a number of purposes such as research, outreach, or publication. They should be associated with activities or past events that relate to Kent, Surrey, or Sussex.

CBA South East is currently in the process of rebuilding its grant budget after membership restructuring and is aiming to start offering grants on an annual basis.  

For updates and further information, visit their website.  

CBA South Midlands

CBA South Midlands offers small grants for archaeological research within its four counties (Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, and Oxfordshire). Examples of past awards include funding to support the excavation of a Roman farmstead and the preservation of archaeological artefacts. 

Grants are usually up to £1000, and applicants must be a member of the CBA or the CBA South Midlands group. Applications are considered at the next scheduled CBA-EM committee meeting and should be submitted at least a week in advance. 

For details of the grant conditions and to access the application form, visit the CBA South Midlands website.  

CBA Wessex 

CBA Wessex provides grants for projects undertaken within the Wessex Region, that have regional value and where relevant make reference to available research frameworks. These can help with the hiring of equipment, excavation costs, specialists artefact analysis, radiocarbon dating, conservation costs, etc. 

To date, CBA Wessex has awarded some £10,000 to various worthy projects across the region. Any individual, local group, or organisation working in Wessex is welcome to apply for a grant up to the value of £1000 (although this limit is not set in stone and each application is decided on a case-by-case basis). 

For further terms and guidance notes, as well as how to apply visit the CBA Wessex website.

CBA West Midlands 

CBA West Midlands is able to award grant support for archaeology projects within the West Midlands region, during financial years where they have made a surplus. The types of projects they would like to fund include, school outreach, community engagement, publication, and digitisation.  

During a grant-giving year, applications will be accepted from 1 April until 30 April and then assessed by the group's committee. Any local group or organisation working within the West Midlands region can apply.  

For further information and how to apply, visit the CBA Wessex website.

CBA Yorkshire

CBA Yorkshire has established a Grants scheme to assist in the funding of community archaeology, archaeological research, and local history projects in the area. For example, grants might fund equipment for the excavation of a locally significant site, publication costs for a report on work carried out, materials for a display on local history/archaeology, or activities involving young people and the community in archaeology.

Grants of usually up to £500, are awarded to volunteer groups and individuals across the region. Applications are considered at the quarterly meetings of the group's full Committee.

For the fund guidelines and application form, visit the CBA Yorkshire website.