Membership FAQ's

Explore frequently asked questions about our membership.

Price Information

Membership Prices* 

*With effect from the 1 April 2024

   CBA Individual Membership   CBA Joint   CBA Student   CBA Family 
UK £46.50 £53 £29 £60
Europe £62 £68 £29 £75
 Rest of the World  £75 £82 £29 £87
   British Archaeology Subscription - Individual    British Archaeology Institution 
UK £37 £37
Europe £52 £52
 Rest of the World  £65 £65
 Lifetime Member - Individual   Lifetime Member - Joint   Friend of Archaeology - Individual   Friend of Archaeology - Joint   Archaeology Ambassador 
£1200.00 £1500.00 £300.00 £360.00 £1000.00



Societies up to 100 members  Societies 101-500 members  Societies over 500 members  National bodies/societies 
£48 £73 £137 £137
Non-National museums  Local government departments  Contractors, trusts, committees  University departments  Other educational bodies 
£75 £110 £80 £140 £90


What is Included?

CBA membership 

  • Physical copy of British Archaeology magazine 6 times a year 
  • Watch our monthly This Is Archaeology lecture series for free
  • Read our past issues of British Archaeology through Exact Editions
  • Get 80% off all books in our shop
  • Recieve regular updates on our work and how your support helps us deliever our mission
  • Voting rights in our AGM

British Archaeologist subscription 

  • Physical copy of British Archaeology magazine 6 times a year 

Student CBA membership 

  • Everything a full member gets except a physical copy of the magazine 

How to renew

If you have an account, log in or register your email and you will be able to renew from the members area. If you want to renew online but have not provided your email address, please contact [email protected].

If you are past your expiry period, you will need to sign up again via the joining journey below. If you have any issues with this process, please contact [email protected]

Which magazine will I receive first?

The magazine is published in February 7th, April 3rd, June 5th, August 7th, October 2th, December 4th.

We finalise the mailing list two weeks before publication day. If you sign up after the mailing list is finalised your first issue will be the following issue.