We have produced three guides, one on making events inclusive for audiences and one on delivering online presentations. The guides were created as part of the CBA’s ongoing efforts to improve the quality of the festival, by ensuring its events are engaging and attract a broad audience.

We have published the guides in two formats. The Microsoft Sway format allows you to explore the guide like a website and has some embedded audio clips of colleagues talking about their work.

Microsoft Sway

Click here to access the Sway version of the inclusive audiences guide and here for the online presentations guide (or see below).

If you click on the Settings button on the top right of the screen you can choose to read the Sway in 'accessibility mode' which reduces the graphic content. You can also choose to download the content as a word or pdf file, allowing you to edit, print and share as you wish. 

PDF Versions

We have also edited pdf versions of the guides, for those who prefer to read them in this format or print them off to read (see below).  

​​​​Questions an organiser should ask themselves

In addition, in collaboration with the Enabled Archaeology Foundation (https://enabledarchaeology.com/) we have an easy one page each, ‘questions an organiser should ask themselves’ pdf guide for inclusive guided/self guided walks, talks/lectures and exhibitions.

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We partnered with tialt to produce two out of three of these guides. tialt is a research organisation aiming to create positive social value through theory-led and creative research approaches. They produce creative tools for social research and engage in dialogue around aspects of our shared humanity.


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