What We Do

Find out more about the work we carry out at the CBA, and our history as an organisation

The Council for British Archaeology (CBA) is an educational charity working throughout the UK to to help people, of all backgrounds, experience and participate in archaeology. We aim to champion archaeology in all its forms, bringing together community groups, commercial units, academics, and heritage organisations to create and share opportunities to discover, take part and be inspired by archaeology.

Learn more about our history, organisational values, as well as the diverse array of work which we are currently undertaking.

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The Work of the CBA

Learn more about the diverse work we carry out at the CBA.

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Our History

Discover our story.

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Our Values and Behaviours

Our values and behaviours define how we approach our work and pursue our mission.

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This Is Archaeology - The Work Of The CBA

Our core work is focused on five key areas of activity which support our membership, deliver our events and projects, underpin our statutory role as a National Amenity Society, support our publications, and deliver our youth engagement programmes. 

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British Archaeology Magazine

The CBA's award-winning bi-monthly publication.

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Buildings Archaeology Casework

How we work to Safeguard Listed Buildings and Archaeology

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This is Archaeology Lecture Series

Join us for the latest in archaeological thinking and research

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Youth Engagement

One of our main goals is to help young people engage and participate in archaeology and the heritage around them.

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Discover work published by the CBA.

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Archaeology Awards

Celebrating the work and projects of archaeologists from across the UK and Ireland.

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Festival of Archaeology

The CBA's annual celebration of archaeology.

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CBA Membership

Take your love of archaeology to the next level and join as a CBA member today!

Collaboration and Partnerships

The Council for British Archaeology work collaboratively with a range of groups and organisations across the archaeology and heritage sector. Explore our current partners and learn more about our collaborative network below.

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Collaborative Projects

Find out more about our current collaborative projects.

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Advocacy partners

Learn about our current advocacy partners.

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Funders, sponsors, and supporters

See our funders, sponsors, and supporters

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