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Introducing the March/April 2024 issue of British Archaeology


Old Sarum: A greedy bishop, three sets of leg-shackles, and the twilight of Norman England

An aerial photograph of Old Sarum, revealing the castle ruins set on its mound in the centre of the Iron Age hillfort, with the earthworks and ruins of the original cathedral to the south west.



Council for British Arhchaeology celebrates 80 years: 1944-2024; Latest data reveals PAS recorded highest number of treasure finds ever in 2022; Man travelled thousands of miles from Europe to Cambridgeshire during Roman period; An Anglo-Saxon Cemetery in Lincolnshire.


Archaeology Achievement Awards 2023

The winners of the Archaeological Achievement Awards were announced on Friday 24th November 2023 in a ceremony at the prestigious De Grey Rooms in York, led by the CBA president, public archaeologist, and broadcaster, Raksha Dave.



The CBA rejects controversial redevelopment plans for Liverpool Street Station, London.


Archaeology 8-25

What have we learnt from Letters to a Young Archaeologist? Two of our advisors, Ihini and Eva, have edited the contributions of the young advisors, alongside their own, to provide us with a snapshot of each of their reflections and a final call to action


My Archaeology

Olga Zagorodnia is a Ukrainian archaeologist who was forced to leave her country in 2022 due to Russian aggression. She tells us about moving to the UK and her work in the British Museum’s Department of Scientific Research.



Hurried into eternity

Lauren McIntyre, Louise Loe, and Stephen Rowland from Oxford Archaeology share research that is revealing blast-force trauma in two nineteenth century shipping disaster victims from Trinity Burial Ground, Kingston upon Hull.


Britain’s big fort build

Phil Hirst tells the story of Park in the Past, and the first entire timber Roman fort to be built in Britain since the legions left these shores.


A greedy bishop, three sets of leg-shackles, and the beginning of the end of Norman England

Alex Langlands reveals how burials found at Old Sarum can shed light on ‘the arrest of the bishops’ as an historical event.


Legion: Life in the Roman army

Carolina Rangel de Lima and Rebecca Whiting offer insights from a new exhibition at the British Museum.




The world in antiquity

Wine was an essential component of the Roman world. Some of the most important tools used in the process of making wine were dolia, which until recently have been understudied. Now, researchers from Ghent University and the University of

Warsaw are taking a scientific approach to understanding the sensory qualities of Roman wine, through a comparative study of Roman dolia and Georgian ‘qvevri’.

Sharp focus

Holyhead Mountain hut circles, Isle of Anglesey.

Greg Bailey on TV

Two recent BBC series and a C4 special documentary remind us that both history and television can still upset or even shock.


Death in Irish Prehistory

Archaeology Now

Dr Chlöe Duckworth discusses ‘woke archaeology and culture wars’.


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Richard III: A tale of delusions & dreams

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From the director From the director

A letter from director of the Council for British Archaeology Neil Redfern


Archaeology 8-25 Archaeology 8-25

Articles from the delivery & engagement team at the Council for British Archaeology, as they report on the world of young and aspiring archaeologists


Archaeology Active Archaeology Active

Discover more about CBA activities to champion archaeology and public participation


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Caseworkers at the Council for British Archaeology present examples from the council’s files


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