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Current Issue  

Introducing the January/February 2023 issue of British Archaeology

On The Cover

Where’s the battlefield?

An unusual approach to seeking out a Civil War battlefield at Worcester led to the discovery of the ground, buried beneath the surface – complete with musket shot, priming flasks and horseshoes

CBA News

From the director

Neil Redfern tours the island of Jersey


Waterworks Cottage, Charlcombe, Bath

Archaeology active

An open-access excavation in Hull

Archaeology 8-25

Young Archaeologists’ Club’s annual Dig It! competition winners



A tribute to Svante Pääbo

To honour Svante Pääbo’s Nobel Prize for his work on evolution and the genomes of extinct humans, British Archaeology asked archaeologists and scientists to describe some of their new research using ancient DNA from UK excavations

The three old sheep of St Kilda

Rare British breeds favoured by archaeologists as possible representatives of prehistoric sheep owe their survival to a diaspora powered by aristocratic landowners

Impacting heritage, landscapes & lives

A special look behind the scenes at how British universities are making archaeology not just interesting, but relevant too

Other Regulars Include


A lost mosaic, an odd engraving and archaeology in Ukraine

The world in antiquity

Carved trees, cat origins and the effects of climate change

My archaeology

Chris Evans, late of the Cambridge Archaeological Unit

Sharp focus

Haworth parsonage, West Yorkshire

Greg Bailey on TV

A volley of kings


Celts, Normans and collecting stones from fields


A research institute whose reality seems virtual


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Discover feature articles

On occasion, we provide open access to featured articles to support out wider advocacy work championing archaeology. Discover them below.

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Richard III: A tale of delusions & dreams

Regular features

Regular features highlighting the work of the CBA

From the director From the director

A letter from director of the Council for British Archaeology Neil Redfern

Casefiles Casefiles

Caseworkers at the Council for British Archaeology present examples from the council’s files

Archaeology Active Archaeology Active

Discover more about CBA activities to champion archaeology and public participation

Archaeology 8-25 Archaeology 8-25

Articles from the delivery & engagement team at the Council for British Archaeology, as they report on the world of young and aspiring archaeologists
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