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Current Issue  

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Introducing the January/February 2024 issue of British Archaeology


Ring cairns: the defining prehistoric monuments of the Early Bronze Age

An aerial view of The Cockpit ring cairn in the Lake District, set in its landscape with Ullswater in the middle distance and a network of path skirting the monument.



A Roman plantation found at Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, is the furthest north in the UK that evidence has been found for viticulture. A preserved prehistoric yew tree shows evidence of having been hollowed out and cut using fine metal tools in the very early Bronzw Age. Rare 5,000-year-old tomb discovered in Orkney. Changing fortunes of nineteenth century workhouse residents. WW2 experimental catapult investigated at Harwell.


From the director

This year (2024) will mark the 80th anniversary of the Council of British Archaeology (CBA) and we will use this milestone as a catalyst to reimagine our role and priorities moving forward..


In progress

Unlocking the ‘lived religion’ of everyday people in the Middle Ages. Michael Lewis explores what we have learnt about medieval lives from the MeRit project.



Proposed alterations to numbers 17-21 Cathedral Road would have converted the three houses into a set of flats.


Archaeology 8-25

Dig It! Competition success shows the value of providing opportunities to the next generation.


My Archaeology

Artist Brian Rice explains how a move to a farm in an ancient Dorset landscape ignited his interest in archaeology and formed a significant inspiration for his artistic work.




Uncovering the Rutland Roman mosaic

Hailed as one of the most significant ever found in Britain, the mosaic and its associated extensive complex got plenty of media attention, but what had less focus despite being equally noteworthy was the network of people and organisations involved in the project. Key contributors told us their stories.


Clarendon Palace: a medieval power centre

Dr Eloise Kane reports on the work that has been undertaken to try and understand more about this remarkable site in Wiltshire. It is a place that has much more history left to reveal.


The missing link

Adam Morgan Ibbotson visits some of northern England’s finest examples and explains why they should be known as the defining prehistoric monument of the Early Bronze Age.


The DUA legacy

Following its 50th anniversary, John Maloney looks back on the pioneering work of the London-based Department of Urban Archaeology (DUA), which had its origins in

the rubble of the undeveloped bomb sites that still littered London in the 1960s.


That’s rich: the material origins of the English aristocracy

Duncan Wright, Oliver Creighton, and David Gould report on the Where Power Lies project, the first dedicated archaeological investigation into the origins and development of lordly centres in England from c. 800 to 1200.




The world in antiquity

A study has now identified carving techniques and traces of colour on the Parthenon Sculptures at the British Museum.

Archaeology active

The CBA is embarking on an exciting new project, which examines how archaeological research and information is disseminated across the UK.

Sharp focus

The Crypt of St Leonard’s Church, Hythe, Kent.

Greg Bailey on TV

How will new generations find archaelogy to watch when it’s all hidden behind paywalls?


The Hillforts of Iron Age Wales; The British Museum Puzzle Book

Archaeology Now

Dr Chlöe Duckworth asks, ‘What links archaeology and the concept of power?’


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Richard III: A tale of delusions & dreams

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From the director From the director

A letter from director of the Council for British Archaeology Neil Redfern


Archaeology 8-25 Archaeology 8-25

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Archaeology Active Archaeology Active

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