The Council for British Archaeology work collaboratively with a range of groups and organisations across the archaeology and heritage sector. Find out more about our current projects and the groups that we are involved with below.



Wellbeing & Heritage Working Group

The Wellbeing & Heritage Working Group is coordinated by the CBA and Historic England and was set up to create an opportunity to share knowledge and experience from across the heritage and archaeology sector and other related sectors. Click the link below to find out more about our upcoming conference.


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Archaeology Audience Network

The Archaeology Audience Network is a 2-year project that brings together many of the UK’s leading archaeological organisations to build the most accurate picture to date of the audiences that public and community archaeology attracts and engages with in England and make it freely accessible online.


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Archaeology Training Knowledge Exchange

This stage 1 Knowledge Exchange project, is delivered by Archaeology South-East and funded through UCL Innovation and Enterprise with UKRI – Higher Education Innovation Funding. The project will set out a road map to support the professional development of archaeology know-how for National Trust staff and volunteers, CBA members, and the wider interested public.


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Your Heritage, Your Story

“Your Heritage, Your Story” is an interactive documentary project that answers some of these questions by presenting personal stories of archaeology and heritage from recent migrants in the UK. Created in collaboration with the Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media Department at the University of York and the CBA, the project looks at the interactive documentary as an inclusive and creative storytelling model to forefront the voices of underrepresented individuals. 


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Trowel and Error (PUNS 2)

PUNS2 will build the original PUNS project which examined the use of archaeological fieldwork publications by the archaeological community across the UK. This time, the project will broaden in scope to encompass the wider range of dissemination available today (e.g. social media, open access publications, films, and blogs) and targeting a broader range of audiences. Following consultation through workshops, interviews and surveys, the project aims to contribute towards an evidence based framework for improving the sharing of archaeological results.

PUNS2 will be led by CBA working in partnership with MOLA. The project is funded by Historic England and is being undertaken as part of the 21st Century Challenges in Archaeology project (21 CAP).