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The CBA has been dedicated to publishing the best in British archaeology for more than 60 years and we continue to make archaeological research widely available.  

Our List of Publications 

Research ReportsĀ 

The CBA Research Reports bring together the research and findings from some of the most in-depth and innovative studies in our discipline. The scope of these reports is incredibly wide and touches on most aspects of our field. Many of them have now been digitised and can be accessed for free on the ADS Library. 

A full list of CBA Research Reports can also be found here.

Practical Handbooks

Providing a complete introduction to different areas of our discipline, our Practical Handbooks set out to be a primer on a new subject, providing a reader with all of the tools they require to get started in the area. A perfect glossary for the more experienced practitioner or a 'how to' guide for someone new to the field.

Archaeology for All Series

The archaeology for all series consists of two volumes exploring two of Britain's most fascinating archaeological sites: Star Carr and Stonehenge

Scottish Burgh Series

The Scottish Burgh Survey is a series funded by Historic Scotland designed to identify the archaeological potential of Scotland’s historic towns. It helps to influence decision-makers and set the agenda on questions that may be answered by archaeology where development occurs.

These can be purchased via the CBA online shop.

Occasional Papers

Occasional papers from the CBA exploring a wide range of archaeological topics. Many of these papers are now available to download for free on the ADS Library

A full list of CBA occasional papers can also be found here.

Research Bulletins

The CBA Research Bulletin is an intermittent series publishing research supported or commissioned by the Council for British Archaeology. You can access our research bulletins via our online Resource Library

Browse our shop to discover our publications that are available for purchase. 

Many of our publications are available to download through the Archaeological Data Service (ADS), and some are available to download for free. 

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