On the ground

Bourne Hall Museum Pre-historic Exhibition

Runs throughout festival

Visit Bourne Hall Museum’s exhibition on life in the area during pre-history. Items on display from the Stone Age to the Iron Age telling how folk came to its spring to hunt and drink and how during the Bronze Age the spring became a place were the gods lived and gifts were thrown in as offerings. This carried on into the Iron Age and was taken up by the Romans.

On display will be the bones of an Auroch a now extinct ancestor of modern cattle. This one died some 3500 years ago in the Bronze Age and was buried in Epsom. Aurochs survived well into modern times, the last known individual dying in 1627. The size of the Aurochs bulls varied between 155 cm and 180 cm, depending on the local circumstances. The size of cows was between 135 cm and 155 cm. Bulls were significantly larger than cows. The body shape of an Aurochs was different from many developed cattle breeds today.


Bourne Hall Museum, Spring Street, Ewell, Surrey, KT17 1UF, United Kingdom

Duration of event

15 July to 1 October