Whether you are putting together a funding application or coming to the end of a grant-aided heritage project you’ll know that evaluation is something you’ll need to get to grips with.

TDR Heritage's experienced team will guide you through the basics of project and programme evaluation, highlighting the benefits and pitfalls to watch out for.

In this interactive webinar you will explore why its important to evaluate a project and how evaluation fits in the various stages of a project’s lifecycle.

You will also look at how you can use evaluation to see 'what has worked' and where you might do things differently in future.

Learning Outcomes

• Understand the role of evaluation in a project

• Know what a logic model is and how to use it

• Understand the differences between short, medium and long term outcomes

• Identify different evaluation research tools

• Reflect on how you can identify realistic outputs and outcomes for your own project

• Understand how you can use your evaluation to identify what you have achieved and the ‘lessons learned’