Dr Hannah Russ will talk about her involvement in the community excavations undertaken in the North York Moors National Park. The excavations provided finds showing the day to day lives of those people living and working in the area decades after its role in the industrial revolution had come to an end.

Single-use glass and ceramic containers were beginning to be produced in bulk, but waste disposal systems had not been developed to deal with these. ‘Dumps' of rubbish close to settlement and working locations accumulated. These give insight to people’s eating and drinking habits, the range of products available and the extent of trade networks at this time.

Hannah will discuss the evidence for the use of 'medicines' long considered ineffective or poisonous to health, for children's play time, for changes in fashion for crockery, a love of bovril, jam and Shippam's paste, and the enjoyment of the odd local beer or two in the local and regional context of the sites excavated.

Appreciation to North York Moors National Park Authority, National Lottery Heritage Fund and volunteers. https://www.northyorkmoors.org.uk/looking-after/landofiron

Thornton-le-Street History Group - RTTP is delighted to welcome Hannah Russ for an hour long webinar.

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