About the Dig

A direct Roman Road from Winchester to Chichester has been located. In filling the gaps in published maps by air photography it became clear it was a two or three-lane highway. These have been located on the ground in many places, and show that it is a huge road, with one lane forming terraces 40' wide, and two lanes around 25' wide. The route is being surveyed at 6": 1 mile. NEHHAS are now surveying to the east of Old Winchester Hill, to the east of Exton in Hampshire (A32).

The Roman Road from Winchester to London has been surveyed as far as the Hogs Back near Farnham. Far more field boundaries parallel and right angle to this road than chance indicate the remains of a Roman field system. In Italy, southern France, and north Africa if the estates were large a grid of estate roads were provided. Such a grid has been found from Four Marks to near Winchester. Three of these estate roads have been surveyed, and excavations occurring on them, see map of these. A GPS survey is planned to determine how accurately two parallel surveyed roads were laid out.

2022 Excavations

The 2022 excavations will be run during the Bank Holiday spanning from Easter to August. 

Both experienced and novice excavators from outside the society are welcome. The minimum age is 16. Younger children are welcome but will need an adult to accompany them. There will be training available, and a training manual can be purchased. 

All excavators will have the opportunity to experience the main taks associated with an excavation under the supervision and guidance of a member of the Society.  

Training Course 

There is a training course of five modules available. They cover;

  • Site Layout & Recording 
  • Excavation 
  • Surveying 
  • Finds Processing 
  • Geophysics and new Roman Road methods 

They consist of both instruction and exercises. You need to book at least five days to complete the course - but you can carry it over to next year.

Those that help with a site set-up will have a discount on the training fee. 


Excursions can be arranged in the evenings to sites on the Roman Roads or other features with pub suppers after. 

Reports and publications are available.