The Vindolanda Archaeological Excavations are back for 2022.

You will be able to watch as the archaeologists reveal the many layers of Vindolanda and learn about the people who lived here, through the objects and buildings they have left behind. Stand at the edge of the trenches and see history uncovered, ask questions of the archaeologists and see the artefacts as they come out of the ground.

The current excavation area is the Southwestern quadrant of the 3rd Century fort. Though the archaeology of this area extends from as early as AD 85, pre Hadrian’s Wall, right the way through to the post Roman Period at Vindolanda.

This means there are lots of layers of different archaeology to go through and as we dig deeper into this area we will be uncovering earlier and earlier periods of occupation at Vindolanda.

What will you see discovered? T

he archaeologists and their volunteer excavators will be out Monday to Friday from April to September weather permitting