Explore Egypt and its Dispersed Heritage in this online Winter Lecture.

Ever wondered how many Egypts there are out there? There is the Egypt imagined in museums, the one ending with the Byzantine period that we read about it in Egyptology books, the eternal Egypt in official tourism campaigns, the one full of monuments void of people captured by Victorian and modern travellers, and the distorted Egypt in Western coverage of Middle Eastern news.

So, which and whose Egypt are we referring to when confronting archaeology’s colonial practices and its legacies?

In this talk Heba Abd el Gawad will be reflecting on UCL’s AHRC funded Egypt’s Dispersed Heritage project journey so far.  Through the project’s outputs, she will share with us the challenges and opportunities, and the different Egypts they have encountered and learnt from.

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Heba  Abd el Gawad

Heba Abd el Gawad

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