Many of these papers are now available to download for free on the ADS Library. You can find a full list of these below.

Our List of Occasional Papers

Survey and policy of field research in the archaeology of Great Britain: The prehistoric and Early Historic Ages to the 7th Century AD (Christopher F C Hawkes & Stuart Piggot, 1948)

The archaeology of churches (M Jesson, Churches Committee of the CBA, 1973)

A guide to British topographical collections (Maurice Barley, 1974)

Archaeology and government: a plan for archaeology in Britain (Council for British Archaeology, Rescue, & The British Archaeological Trust, 1974)

Archaeology and agriculture: a survey of modern cultivation methods and the problems of assessing plough damage to archaeological sites (G Lambrick, 1977)

Peopling past landscapes: a handbook introducing archaeological fieldwork techniques in rural areas (John M Steane & Brian Dix, 1978)

Historic buildings and planning policies (David Peace, 1979)

Recent archaeological research in English towns (John Schofield, D M Palliser, & Charlotte Harding, 1981)

Research objectives in British archaeology (Antony Charles Thomas, 1983)

Research priorities in archaeological science (Paul A Mellars, 1987)

Life and Death in Spitalfields 1700 to 1850 (Margaret Cox, 1996)

Modern Military Matters. Studying and managing the twentieth-century defence heritage in Britain: a discussion document (John Schofield, 2004)

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