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Many of our research reports have now been digitised and can be accessed for free on the ADS Library. 

Our List of Research Reports

Excavation Reports

Excavations at St Mary's Church, Deerhurst, 1971-73 (Philip A Rahtz, 1976)

The excavation of an Iron Age settlement, Bronze Age ring-ditches and Roman features at Ashville Trading Estate, Abingdon (Oxfordshire) 1974-6 (Michael Parrington, 1978)

Excavations at Little Waltham 1970-71 a mainly Iron Age and Romano-British settlement site (Paul J Drury, 1978)

Iron Age and Roman riverside settlements at Farmoor, Oxfordshire (G Lambrick & Mark Robinson, 1979)

Excavations at Melbourne Street, Southampton, 1971-7; with contributions on the 'Hamwih' brickearths . . . and on HAMTUN alias HAMWIC (Saxon Southampton) (Philip Holdsworth, 1980)

Saffron Walden: excavations and research 1972-80 prehistoric to post-medieval (Steven Bassett, 1982)

Hereford City excavations, Vol 1. Excavations at Castle Greet (Ron Shoesmith, 1980)

The Austin Friars, Leicester (T Pearce & Jean Mellor, 1981)

Hereford City excavations volume 2: excavations on and close to the defences (Ron Shoesmith, 1982

Hereford City excavations: volume 3, the finds (Ron Shoesmith, 1985)

Archaeology at Barton Court Farm, Abingdon, Oxon: an investigation of late Neolithic, Iron Age, Romano-British, and Saxon settlements (David Miles,1984)

Rivenhall: investigations of a villa, church, and village, 1950-1977 (Kirsty A Rodwell & Warwick Rodwell)

The excavation of an Iron Age settlement at Thorpe Thewles, Cleveland, 1980-2 (David Heslop, 1987)

The prehistoric and Roman settlement at Kelvedon, Essex (Kirsty A Rodwell, 1988)

An Anglo-Saxon watermill at Tamworth: excavations in the Bolebridge Street area of Tamworth, Staffordshire in 1971 and 1978 (Philip A Rahtz & Robert Meeson, 1992)

Excavations at the Hamwic Volume 1: excavations 1946--83, excluding Six Dials and Melbourne Street (A D Morton, 1992)

The temple and other sites in the north-eastern sector of Caesaromagus, (N P Wickenden, 1992)

Excavations at Hamwic: volume 2: excavations at Six Dials (Phil Andrews, 1997)

The Spitalfields Project, Volume 1: across the Styx (Jez Reeve & Max Adams)

The Spitalfields Project, Volume 2: the middling sort (Theya I Molleson & Margaret Cox)

Excavations at Segontium (Caernarfon) Roman fort, 1975--79 (Jerry Evans, Jeffrey L Davies, & P John Casey)

Excavations at Rhuddlan, Clwyd: 1969-73 Mesolithic to medieval (Marion Blockley & Henrietta Quinnell, 1994)

Henley wood, temples and cemetery: excavations 1962--69 by the late Ernest Greenfield and others (P Leach & Lorna Watts, 1996)

A multi-period salt production site at Droitwich: excavations at Upwich (J D Hurst, 1997)

Excavations at Caldecot, Gwent: Bronze Age palaeochannels in the lower Nedern Valley (Astrid E Caseldine & Nigel Nayling, 1997)

The Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Edix Hill (Barrington A), Cambridgeshire: excavations 1989--1991 and a summary catalogue of material from 19th century interventions (John Hines & Tim Malim, 1998)

The defences of the lower city: excavations at The Park and West Parade 1970--2 and a discussion of other sites excavated up to 1994 (Michael J Jones, 1999)

Prehistoric, Roman and post-Roman landscapes of the Great Ouse Valley (Michael Dawso, 2000)

Our changing coast: a survey of the intertidal archaeology of Langstone Harbour, Hampshire (Julie Gardiner, 2000)

Excavations at Deansway, Worcester, 1988--89: Romano-British small town to late medieval city (Rachel Edwards, & C H Dalwood, 2004)

'Lepers Outside the Gate': Excavations at the cemetery of the Hospital of St James and St Mary Magdalene, Chichester, 1986-87 and 1993 (John Magilton, 2008)

Infernal Traffic: Excavation of a Liberated African Graveyard in Rupert’s Valley, St Helena (Andrew Pearson, Ben Jeffs, Annsofie Witkin, & Helen MacQuarrie, 2011)

A Roman villa at the edge of Empire; Excavations at Ingleby Barwick, Stockton-on-Tees 2003-4 (Steven Willis & Peter Carne, 2013)

La Grava: The Archaeology and History of a Royal Manor and Alien Priory of Fontevrault (Evelyn Baker, 2013)

Prehistoric Forteviot: Excavations of a ceremonial complex in eastern Scotland (Kenneth Brophy & Gordon Noble, 2020)

Royal Forteviot: Excavations at a Pictish power centre in eastern Scotland (Ewan Campbell & Stephen T Driscoll, 2020)

Prehistoric Archaeology

A gazetteer of British Lower and Middle Palaeolithic sites (Derek A Roe, 1968)

Current research in Romano-British coarse pottery: papers given at a CBA conference held at New College, Oxford, March 24 to 26, 1972 (A P Detsicas, 1972)

The Iron Age in the Irish Sea province (Antony Charles Thomas, 1972)

Iron Age sites in central southern England (Barry Cunliffe, 1976)

Gazetteer of Mesolithic Sites in England and Wales with a Gazetteer of Upper Palaeolithic Sites in England and Wales (Clive Bonsall & John J Wymer, 1977)

Settlement patterns in the Oxford region: excavations at the Abingdon causewayed enclosure and other sites (Humphrey Case & Alasdair W R Whittle, 1982)

Stone axe studies: archaeological, petrological, experimental and ethnographic (W A Cummins & T H McK Clough, 1979)

Stone axe studies, volume 2. The petrology of prehistoric stone implements from the British Isles (W A Cummins & T H McK Clough, 1988)

Danebury: an Iron Age hillfort in Hampshire. Volume 1, the excavations, 1969-1978: the site. Volume 2, the excavations, 1969-1978: the finds incl Neo-BA and post-hillfort occupation (Barry Cunliffe,1984)

Danebury: an Iron Age hillfort in Hampshire (Cynthia Poole & Barry Cunliffe,1991)

Danebury: an Iron Age hillfort in Hampshire; Vol 4 The excavations 1979-1988: the site (Cynthia Poole & Barry Cunliffe,1991)

Danebury: an Iron Age hillfort in Hampshire; Vol 5 The excavations 1979-1988: the finds (Cynthia Poole & Barry Cunliffe,1991)

Danebury: an Iron Age hillfort in Hampshire. Vol 6: a hillfort community in perspective (Barry Cunliffe,1995)

The Breiddin hillfort: a later prehistoric settlement in the Welsh Marches (Christopher R Musson, A G Smith & William J Britnell, 1991)

The Late Glacial in north-west Europe: human adaptation and environmental change at the end of the Pleistocene (Derek A Roe, Alison Roberts, & Nick Barton, 1991)

Iron Age and Roman salt production and the medieval town of Droitwich: excavations at the Old Bowling Green and Friar Street  (Simon Woodiwiss, 1992)

The Experimental Earthwork Project, 1960--1992 (Martin G Bell, Peter J Fowler, & Simon Hillson, 1996)

The Walton Basin Project: excavation and survey in a prehistoric landscape 1993--7 (Alex M Gibson, 1999)

Prehistoric, Roman and post-Roman landscapes of the Great Ouse Valley (Michael Dawson, 2000)

Towards a New Stone Age; aspects of the Neolithic in south-east England  (Jonathan Cotton & David J Field)

Submarine prehistoric archaeology of the North Sea: research priorities and collaboration with industry (N C Flemming, 2004)

Conderton Camp, Worcestershire; a small middle Iron Age hillfort on Bredon Hill (Nicholas Thomas, 2005)

Landscape, Community and Colonisation: The North Somerset Levels during the 1st to 2nd millennia AD (Stephen J Rippon, 2006)

Prehistoric Coastal Communities; The Mesolithic of western Britain (Martin G Bell, 2007)

Sutton Common; the excavation of an Iron Age 'marsh-fort' (John Collis, Henry H P Chapman, & Robert Van de Noort, 2007)

Europe's Lost World; the Rediscovery of Doggerland (David Smith, Vincent Gaffney & Simon Fitch, 2009)

Mesolithic Occupation at Bouldnor Cliff and the Submerged Prehistoric Landscapes of the Solent (Jen Heathcote, Garry Momber, David Tomalin, Rob Scaife, Julie Satchell, & Jan Gillespie, 2011)

The Bronze Age in the Severn Estuary (Martin G Bell, 2013)

Claimed by the Sea: Salcombe, Langdon Bay, and other marine finds of the Bronze Age (Catherine J Frieman, Stuart Needham, & Dave Parham, 2013)

Cult, Religion, and Pilgrimage; Archaeological Investigations at the Neolithic and bronze age monument complex of Thornborough, north yorkshire... (Jan Harding, 2013

Cartimandua's capital?: The late Iron Age royal site at Stanwick, North Yorkshire, fieldwork and analysis 1981–2011 (Colin Haselgrove, 2016)

Roman Archaeology

Romano-British villas: some current problems. Report of a conference held by the Council for British Archaeology, July 1955 (CBA, 1955)

The structure of Romano-British pottery kilns (1964) (Philip Corder, 1964)

Rural settlement in Roman Britain (Antony Charles Thomas, 1966)

Romano-British coarse pottery: a student's guide (Graham Webster, 1976)

Burial in the Roman world (Richard Reece, 1977)

Roman shipping and trade: Britain and the Rhine provinces (Henry F, Cleere & Joan Taylor du Plat, 1978)

The Alice Holt/Farnham Surrey Roman pottery industry (R S S Jefferies & Malcolm Lyne, 1979)

Coinage and society in Britain and Gaul: some current problems (Barry Cunliffe, 1981)

Roman urban defences in the west: a review of current research on urban defences in the Roman Empire with special reference to the northern provinces (Brian Hobley & John Maloney, 1983)

Sheepen: an early Roman industrial site at Camulodunum (Rosalind Niblett, 1985)

Roman urban topography in Britain and the western Empire: proceedings of the third conference on urban archaeology organized jointly by the Council for British Archaeology and the Department of Urban Archaeology of the Museum of London (Brian Hobley & Francis Grew, 1985)

The mansio and other sites in the south-eastern sector of Caesaromagus (Paul J Drury, 1988)

The mansio and other sites in the south-eastern sector of Caesaromagus: the Roman pottery (C J Going, 1987)

The archaeology of Roman London, volume 1: The upper Walbrook valley in the Roman period (Catharine Maloney & Dominique De Moulins)

The archaeology of Roman London, volume 2: early development of Roman London west of the Walbrook (Steven Roskams, Jennifer Norton, Francis Grew, Gill Craddock, Marie Barker, Dominic Perring, David N Smith, Patrick Allen, & Jennifer Hillam, 1991)

Public buildings in the south-west quarter of Roman London (Tim Williams, 1993)

Roman towns: the Wheeler inheritance (Stephen Greep, 1993)

A dated corpus of early Roman pottery from the City of London (Beth Richardson, B J Davies, & Roberta Tomber, 1994)

Architecture in Roman Britain (Ian Haynes & Peter Johnson, 1996)

Roman Alcester: defences and defended area: Gateway supermarket and Gas House Lane (Stephen Cracknell, 1998)

Roman Alcester: southern extramural area 1964-1966 excavations (Christine Mahany & Stephen Cracknell, 1994)

Roman Alcester volume 3; northern extramural area 1969--1988 excavations (Paul Booth, 2001)

Britons and Romans; advancing an archaeological agenda (Simon James & Martin Millett, 2001)

Cataractonium: Roman Catterick and its hinterland. Excavations and research, 1958--1997 Part I (Pete R Wilson, 2002)

Cataractonium: Roman Catterick and its hinterland. Excavations and research, 1958--1997 Part II (Pete R Wilson, 2002)

The Barland's Farm Romano-Celtic boat (Nigel Nayling, 2004)

An atlas of Roman rural settlement in England (Jeremy Taylor, 2007)

Londinium and beyond; essays on Roman London and its hinterland (Roz Sherris, Jenny Hall, John Clark, Jonathan Cotton, & Hedley Swain, 2008)

Finds From the Frontier; Material culture in the 4th-5th centuries (Robert Collins & Lindsay Allason-Jones, 2010)

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Archaeology

Anglo-Saxon Pottery: A Symposium (F Tischler, Gerald C Dunning, J N L Myres, & John G Hurst, 1959)

The Saxon Shore (David E Johnston, 1977)

Viking Age York and the north (Richard A Hall, 1978)

The Hamwih pottery: the local and imported wares from 30 years' excavations at Middle Saxon Southampton and their European context (Richard Hodges, 1981)

The Anglo-Saxon church: papers on history, architecture, and archaeology in honour of Dr H M Taylor (Lawrence A S Butler & Richard Morris, 1986)

Maritime Celts, Frisians and Saxons: papers presented to a conference at Oxford in November 1988 (Sean McGrail, 1990)

An Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Norton, Cleveland (Martin G Welch & Stephen J Sherlock, 1992)

Two Anglo-Saxon cemeteries at Beckford, Hereford and Worcester (Prue Hill & Vera I Evison, 1996)

Late Saxon stirrup-strap mounts: a classification and catalogue: a contribution to the study of Late Saxon ornamental metalwork (David Williams, 1998)

The Hamwic glass (John R Hunter & Mike Heyworth, 1998)

The Golden Minster: the Anglo-Saxon minster and later medieval priory of St Oswald at Gloucester (Carolyn M Heighway & Richard Bryant, 1999)

Cloth and clothing in early Anglo-Saxon England, AD 450--700 (Penelope Walton-Rogers, 2007)

Interrupting the Pots; Excavation of Cleatham Anglo-Saxon Cemetery (Kevin Leahy, 2007)

Continental and Mediterranean imports to Atlantic Britain and Ireland, AD 400–800 (Ewan Campbell, 2007)

The later Anglo-Saxon settlement at Bishopstone; a downland manor in the making (Gabor Thomas, 2010)

Buildings Archaeology and Conservation

Landscape Archaeology

The effect of man on the landscape: the Highland Zone (Henry F Cleere, Susan Limbrey, & John G Evans, 1975)

The effect of man on the landscape: the Lowland zone (Susan Limbrey & John G Evans, 1978)

Castles, town defences, and artillery fortifications in Britain: a bibliography 1945-74 (John R Kenyon, 1978)

Archaeology in Sussex to AD 1500 (Peter L Drewett, 1978)

Archaeology in Essex to AD 1500 (David G Buckley, 1980)

Archaeology in Kent to AD 1500: in memory of Stuart Eborall Rigold (Peter E Leach, 1982)

Environmental archaeology in the urban context (Harry Kenward & Allan R Hall, 1982)

Castles, town defences, and artillery fortifications in Britain and Ireland: a bibliography. Volume 2 1977-82 material, and new section on Ireland (John R Kenyon, 1983)

Castles, town defences, and artillery fortifications in Britain and Ireland: a bibliography.; Volume 3 (John R Kenyon, 1990)

Prehistoric and Roman archaeology of north-east Yorkshire (D A Spratt, 1993)

Moorland monuments: studies in the archaeology of north-east Yorkshire in honour of Raymond Hayes and Don Spratt (Blaise E Vyner, 1995)

Thomas Telford's Holyhead Road; The A5 in north Wales (Rick Turner, Jamie Quartermaine, & Barrie Trinder, 2003)

Archaeology in Northumberland National Park (Paul N K Frodsham, 2004)

Laying the foundations: a history and archaeology of the Trent Valley sand and gravel industry (Tim Cooper, 2008)

The New Antiquarians: 50 years of archaeological innovation in Wessex (RIowan Whimster, 2011)

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