Historic Barrhead

E. Patricia Dennison, Simon Stronach & Russel Coleman

The survey provides a synthesis of existing knowledge on historic Barrhead.

Situated to the west of Glasgow in East Renfrewshire, Barrhead grew rapidly in the late-eighteenth century; it was close to the emerging commercial centres of Glasgow and Paisley and could rely on the Levern Water to power its textile industry. The valley in which the town grew also has a rich earlier history. The book identifies medieval sites and charts the development of the town from the scatter of fermtouns shown on early maps. It goes on to sketch the social history of a community shaped by the industrial revolution. Barrhead obtained Burgh status in 1893. By then the textile industry was diversifying into the other activities that give Barrhead its distinctive profile: iron and brass working and sanitary engineering. Provost Shanks oversaw some of the first municipal improvements in the Police Burgh. The authors look at the history and archaeological potential of key sites in the town, to inform the future management of Barrhead's historic environment.