Mersey and Dee YAC and their 'The Archaeology of Slavery and Liverpool' Project Update

Mersey and Dee YAC have now finished their From Ordinary to Extraordinary project. Here we take a look at their co-created museum exhibition that went on display at the Museum of Liverpool.


The Mersey & Dee YAC branch decided to explore the archaeology of slavery and its links to Liverpool. They divided their project across three sessions: to learn about the legacy of the international trade in enslaved African people in their landscape, how to do research to find out more and what the finds could tell us, and setting out their display.

You can read more about their project in an earlier blog here: Mersey and Dee FOTE Project

What was the main output from the project?

The main output from the project was the curation of a co-created museum exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool. Below you can see the panel, display and installation underway.

FOtE_-_Facebook_4 (1).png 1