Community Archaeologist of the Year

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Nomination form: Community Archaeologist of the Year

This Award recognises an individual volunteer or professional who is going above and beyond their role to contribute to community archaeology. The winner will receive £250.

Nominated individual's details: 

Name and contact information of the person nominating:

Is the individual aware of the nomination?

Would you like the identity of those nominating to be kept anonymous?

Please tell us in no more than 500 words why they deserve the award and how they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • The winner will have inspired others to get involved in archaeology

  • The winner will have helped others to develop skills and knowledge in archaeology

  • The winner will have broken down barriers to participation in archaeology

Text can include website and video links and other content.

If the nominee is entering themselves, please include a testimonial of no more than 500 words from someone else who knows them and their work, such as an archaeologist or fellow volunteer.

Accompanying material:

Please submit a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 high-resolution (1-2MB) images to support the nomination and for use in the publicity of the Awards.

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I confirm that I have read the Nomination Guidance document and that the nominated project meets the eligibility criteria.

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Online nomination forms should be submitted by the closing date on 28th May 2023.