FoJW /CBA Yorkshire Joint Archaeological Site Visit - Everyone Welcome

A guided walk into Judy Woods following part of the heritage trail which has been established by the Friends, leading to the site of the 18th-century (or earlier) cottage, from whose 19th-century resident (Judy North) the woods take their name. The site of the cottage and its small market garden has been the subject of archaeological investigations. The cottage is about ½ mile from the starting point.

CBA FoJW Visit.docx


As the woods are open access, it isn’t necessary to prebook your attendance with FoJW.

Parking is available adjacent to the site with additional parking generously provided by the Pear Tree Pub (HX3 8QD) 100m above and to the left of the site entry. The postcode above offers the best sat. nav. location. For information on other transport arrangements, please visit the website shown below.