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Current Issue 


Introducing the September/October 2021 issue of British Archaeology


Who would be an archaeologist?

A striking shot of masked archaeology students from Durham University, on an excavation at Auckland Castle this July, leads our theme of a crisis facing the future of UK archaeology as we know it. What are the concerns? Are they real? And what can be done?


From the director

Excavating memories, celebrating place – an unusual football ground


Island House, Laugharne

Archaeology active

Contribute your stories of places and spaces

Archaeology 8-25

The growing resource of online archaeology


Old salt

Years of excavations at Street House in North Yorkshire have reinforced the impression that there was something special about the place in early times. The discovery of a unique Neolithic saltern may hold the answer

Revealing Lincoln Castle

An ambitious project that combined conservation and excavation has furthered understanding of a major Norman castle and its history

Saving face

As the British Museum tells the story of Nero, we trace the emperor’s footprints in Britain, and his toppled statues

Ring of truth

New insights into how Iron Age torcs, neck-rings of precious metal, were made

Accelerator mass spectrometry

How AMS transformed archaeology, the third article in our series about the story of radiocarbon dating



A medieval chess workshop, and ancient engravings


How have universities met the covid challenge of student ?eldwork?

The world in antiquity

A Neolithic wooden snake from Finland, and human remains in a Gabon cave

My archaeology

Shahina Farid, an excavator of extraordinary experience

Sharp focus

Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde, Colorado

Greg Bailey on TV

Where would archaeology be without Channel Four?


The Battle of Brunanburh, prehistoric ancestors and more


The British Museum’s next culture war?

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