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Current Issue 

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Introducing the May/June 2022 issue of British Archaeology

On the cover

Why plant trees?

The government wants us to plant trees to help tackle climate change and biodiversity loss. The deep history of British woodlands suggests another way.

CBA News

From the director
Time to get ready for the Festival of Archaeology 2022: the theme is Journeys.

Former Department Store, Harrogate.

Archaeology active
The Archaeology Audience Network hopes to bring archaeology to a wider public.

Archaeology 8-25
The From Ordinary to Extraordinary awards fund.

Other Features

The great Bronze Age migration
People in England and Wales today are genetically closer to Neolithic farmers than Bronze Age people were. A team of scientists and archaeologists set out to resolve this conundrum, in the largest ancient DNA project to date.

Meet the Hazletons
A Neolithic chambered tomb has yielded evidence for the world’s oldest family tree, with details of surprising relationships.

Arthur’s Stone & Dorstone Hill 
Excavations in Herefordshire have revealed a monumental Neolithic complex with deep European roots dating from the time of Britain’s earliest farmers.

Other Regulars Include

War in Europe.

Bronze Age Orkney welcomed female settlers, and new mosaics from Roman London. 

Project Radiocarbon is tackling the huge challenge of creating a comprehensive database.

The world in antiquity 
A monumental sacred pool in Sicily, and damage by IS in Iraq.

My archaeology
Rose Ferraby, archaeologist and artist. 

Sharp focus
A Roman bridge abutment at Chesters fort.

Greg Bailey on TV
The Real Peaky Blinders.

Two landmark books about the Mesolithic in Britain and Ireland.

Concluding our tribute to archaeologists and lovers of antiquity who died in the past year.

A history in which not all migrants are invaders.

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