AGES Dowsing and Geophysics of a Possible Roman Trackway

From our past test pit pottery finds, we know that Hadleigh, Essex where our club is based, was farmed in the Romano British period and in the past, we located by geophysics a probable trackway of that period under a local church lawn, but was it a trackway or just a small area of the surfaced yard?

That's the trouble with size-limited test pits; they raise the questions, but rarely provide the answers. So our Journey this year was to try and find if anyone in the past had journeyed further north out of the village and if a trackway actually existed. We initially arranged Tuesday 19th July as the date for a geophysics survey in a nearby garden, then along came the heatwave, so we switched to 16th, not knowing if the parched ground would yield any useable resistivity results. Simply put, it probably didn't, without any clear pattern emerging. What hints there were of a linear feature didn't even seem to line up with the clear dowsing survey results. So, no luck this time, but our journey doesn't stop there we will be back in the autumn to try try again.

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Terry Barclay