13 Oct 2022

Career In Ruins - Podcast

The Career in Ruins podcast gives a unique take on the world as seen by archaeologists. Presenters Lawrence Shaw and Derek Pitman take you on a journey around the world that’s drawn from their experiences exploring the past. The podcast features interviews with archaeologists, heritage professionals and those with a keen eye on the past to offer an insight behind the scenes of how histories are constructed and how the past is brought into the present.

Lawrence Shaw is a landscape archaeologist who specialises in remote sensing, survey techniques and community engagement. Having worked on project at Stonehenge, Qatar, Easter Island, the Cook Islands, Spain, Greece and the New Forest National Park he has a wide spread of interests, experiences and connections to share and dig into.

Derek Pitman is a Lecturer in Archaeology at Bournemouth University who specialises in ancient production, resource use and human habitation patterns. He has worked on projects across the globe including Siberia, Greece, Spain, Serbia and the UK.

Derek and Lawrence are based in Southern England and have been working together on international projects since 2013. Their shared love for their subject as well as Strar Trek and computer games leads to a casual, cheeky discussion with the odd geek out as to why the holodeck always failed… Shut up Wesley.

Sound production and theme tune by Guy Dowsett (bucketofsound.com)

Graphics by the legend that is Ed Hudspeth

Thanks to Dan Pringle (Lightside Productions) for his help getting up and running and to all of our interviewees for playing such a crucial part in the podcast.

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