Investigating British Iron Age textiles with Experimental Archaeology

This event has been organized by Jennifer Beamer, a final year PhD student at the University of Leicester, to show the depth and range of experimental archaeological methods available to researchers. This topic covers a range of themes from the collection and sorting of flax and wool fibers, spinning methods and demonstrations, to weaving on the warp-weighted loom. In this event, she will showcase how research and experimental methods work together as a conceptual framework to keep it tied with the archaeological record. In this way, experimental archaeology can be demonstrated to have great utility among researchers more broadly.

This event is available online to watch any time. Catch up at the link below!

Teaching with textiles is an excellent way to approach hands-on activities in the classroom and has great appeal as part of outreach and community projects. Looking at prehistoric textile production offers insight into simple, yet effective, methods of making cloth. The process of making has shown to keep the brain active and healthy and aids in the developmental skills of young people.


The event will be hosted on YouTube. You can be redirected to the event by following the YouTube link below. This event is broken into several stages:

  • Introduction and orientation to the project
  • Brief overview of the materials and replica tools used
  • Demonstration of weaving
  • Question and Answer session

Follow her on Instagram for regular updates on this project. Video series updates are made available for free on YouTube.

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