Delivered by Anne Schwan, Professor in English, School of Arts and Creative Industries, Edinburgh Napier University.




This talk gives an insight into the social and creative life at Stobs, with a particular focus on the camp’s drama societies. The presentation uses camp newspaper Stobsiade, which frequently reported on the theatre performances, as a source of information, alongside some other historical sources, such as event programmes that were put together and circulated among the audience. The talk considers cross-dressing as one of the striking features of theatre in internment camps. It also discusses a series of performances, based on a comedy evening at Stobs in January 1917, which was produced in 2018 by a team at Edinburgh Napier University (in collaboration with Aston University and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council AHRC). You will be able to view a short clip from the performances as part of this presentation.


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