08 Feb 2022

The CBA Object to the Development near the Old Oswestry Hillfort

The CBA has written a letter strongly objecting to the housing development near Old Oswestry Hillfort.

The significance of Old Oswestry Hillfort has been ably articulated in several documents including Historic England’s Scheduling description and Reasons for Designation. It also features in a variety of academic research that sets out to examine the relationship between various prehistoric monuments and landscapes within Wales and the Welsh Marches.

The hillfort is one of several highly visible and significant prehistoric monuments in the region and is a particularly well-preserved example. It is also a monument that is highly regarded by the local community and therefore retains high communal value. The setting of these monuments is key to appreciating and understanding them and any encroachment into setting by development will inevitably be harmful.

Despite its proximity to the urban fringe of Oswestry, the hillfort retains a strong open and rural setting that make a critical contribution to the setting and significance of the monument.

To read the full letter, please follow the link below.