03 Aug 2022
by Josie and Elsa Maria Cockburn

The Old School

We live in a Victorian village primary school building and we decided to look into the history of our house and make it a village project. We tracked down and interviewed 9 ex-pupils from the 1940s – 1960s. As we were in lockdown, and we both have disabilities, this had to be a strictly audio project. Plus, none of the older people had gadgets or wifi so we did our interviews on the landline with the receiver next to the laptop! We loved doing this project and learned a lot about planning a project, how to get the best answers from people and how long editing takes! But mostly we learned a lot from our neighbours about our home, The Old School. We hope it will be an important part of the village archive for the next 150 years.

Josie and Elsa Maria Cockburn

Elsa Maria and Josie Cockburn are 15 years old and have a keen interest in heritage.

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