23 Jun 2022
by Martina Tenzer

Venerated Women - Mapping Anglo-Saxon female saints

Our aim was to create a comprehensive catalogue and an interactive web map of female Anglo-Saxon saints across Britain. The interactive webmap presents places where the saints lived, were buried, or are venerated today. Pedigrees show the close connection of the women and their mutual support. Furthermore, the blog presents the special atmosphere of the locations that still bear the traces of past times. Photographs give a glimpse into the Anglo-Saxon religious places that still dominate the landscapes. Connecting these places, the map also shows pilgrimage routes that prove the significance of the beliefs, legends and myths of ancient times and how they resonate with people today.

Follow us on the journey through the centuries of early Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England and across the Island to capture the landscapes of nunneries and monasteries how they can be experienced and understood today.

Our project was funded through WRoCAH and presents the collaboration between Isle Heritage CIC, Folkestone and the University of York.

Martina Tenzer

University of York

Martina is a WRoCAH-funded PhD researcher at the University of York, exploring place attachment and social values in wider landscapes.

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Mrs Martina Tenzer