Award Criteria and Nomination Forms

Nominations have now closed for the 2023 Archaeological Achievement Awards

To help with your nomination form, we've put together a document outlining the criteria, as well as a guide to filling in your nomination form. please read these carefully before submitting our nomination.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

For further guidance, watch our nomination process webinar here

The Archaeological Achievement Awards are committed to recognising professional standards and excellence. Nominations which cannot demonstrate ethical good practice and standards may be disqualified from the awards. In the event of concerns being raised about any nomination the judging panel will refer to the principles, codes and standards set out by the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists and/or the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland in reaching any decision.


Nomination Forms

Deadline for applications is 12.00pm, Friday 15 September 2023.

When completed please send nomination forms to [email protected].

Please send file transfers to [email protected] clearly stating the name of your nominated project or individual in your email.

Please make sure all file names clearly include the name of the nominated project or individual.

Archaeology and Sustainability

This award celebrates how archaeology address issues around sustainability. This can include approaches to making archaeological projects sustainable or the contribution archaeology can make to the wider debate on creating a more sustainable future. Projects should demonstrate how they are addressing the aspirations of the United Nations Sustainability Goals by selecting at least one goal which is closely aligned with the focus of their work or project e.g. quality education (goal 4), infrastructure (goal 9), or climate action (goal 13).


Early Career Archaeologist

 This award will highlight the contribution of an early career archaeologist. This could include contributions to archaeological work or research, dissemination, or a wider contribution to the workplace or a project


Engagement and Participation

This award focuses on broadening participation in archaeology in all forms and is not limited to on-site delivery or activities. Projects nominated can be on the ground or virtual, and engagement can be through a single event or a package of activities. Emphasis should be on the quality of the participants’ experience and the depth of engagement rather than the number of people taking part. We would like to know how the impact of the work has been evaluated and how you would have responded to feedback from participants.


Learning, Training and Skills

This award celebrates training, learning and skills across academic, public and commercial archaeology. Nominations should demonstrate how the method of delivery moves beyond traditional lectures and presentations and utilises engaging learning mechanisms.


Public dissemination or Presentation

This broad category can include books and publications, exhibitions, film, social media or presentation. It can relate to a specific site, artefact, place or a wider landscape. 



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