Brighton YAC and their Secret Life (and Death) of pets project update

Brighton YAC have now finished their From Ordinary to Extraordinary project. Here we take a look at their interactive heritage trail around Brighton's very own Pet Cemetery!


Brighton YAC investigated Preston Manor’s Late Victorian and Edwardian Pet Cemetery. Believed to be the only example in Sussex, this is the final resting place of 16 known dogs and 3 cats. Brighton members conducted their own graveyard study and consulted local archives to reveal the hidden story behind these beloved but often over-looked Brighton residents. 

You can read more about their project in an earlier blog here: Brighton FOTE Project

What was the main output from the project?

An interactive illustrated map of the cemetery. The map includes hand drawn maps and images as well as embedded videos.  

You can download a copy here.

The embedded videos focus on individual pets from the cemetery presented by different YAC members, which you can access via QR codes. You can hear about their history, their owners and take a look at pictures and drawings of each pet.Below you can watch George (wait for the comedy ending) and Daisy sharing their research.



What else did they create?

Extra content produced included: sound recordings; photographs; graveyard studies; 3 Preston Manor plans at different scales; maps; pet portraits; archive notes on pets; 7 videos narrating the lives of 7 different pets and a video documenting the project whole.  

Future Plans

The new interactive map is available to pick up at Brighton Museum and the group will also be involved in an event called ‘Dogs Days of Summer’ where their maps will be available and they will hopefully be screening their videos.

Why not take a look at the project film created by Brighton YAC:


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