From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Devon and Torbay YAC and their 'Torquay at War' project

Devon Torbay YAC have been developing their From Ordinary to Extraordinary project for the last 5 months and they have now launched their project films based on their topic 'Torquay at War: Uncovering forgotten stories from Torquay during the Second World War'.

The Project

The Devon and Torbay members set out to work with their leaders and a film maker from Emberlense Productions to discover stories of the second world war, which were uncovered through physical evidence seen around the harbour and seafront areas of Torquay, such as memorials, the D-day slipway, bullet holes in walls etc. Using this and Torquay Museum’s collections, plus historical research, the YAC members decided to make two new documentary films. Members decided on the format and style of the films through a process of co-creation and these have been disseminated through Torquay Museum’s social media.

Documentary Film 1: The Bombing of St Marychurch

This film explores the bombing of St Marychurch, which killed 21 children and 3 teachers. The film tells the story of the tragic events of the 30th of May 1943. Incorporated in the film are photos, newspaper articles from the time, an original model of the church used to raise money for the rebuilding of the church and voiceover excerpts read from the diary of young child who tragically lost his life in the bombing.

Documentary Film 2: Air Raid Wardens of World War 2

This film explores the role of Air wardens in WW2. For the pre-production of the film the Young Archaeologists visited the Brixham Battery and learnt about its function and what life was like during the War. From this visit, they wrote a script about the function of an Air Warden and questions about the many items that Air Wardens used. They then interviewed Anthony Job who does Air Warden re-enactment for the Brixham Battery.


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