29 Oct 2020

CBA Responds to Planning for the Future White Paper

In August 2020, the Government published its Planning for the Future white paper which sets out radical proposals to overhaul the “sluggish” planning system in England.

The White Paper consultation closed in late 2020 and the Council for British Archaeology submitted a joint response with the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists. You can read our response below. 

Our response focuses on the need to ensure that effective protections for the historic environment are retained within any new system. Specifically, any new system will need to ensure that there are appropriate provisions for archaeological assessment of sites to inform permissions and development proposals, and robust procedures for mitigation of harm to heritage assets and offsetting harm with additional public benefits created.

How you can help?

We need you to speak up for archaeology and actively get involved in this debate. A number of individual MPs have been engaged in discussions and are keen to support further action. You can help by writing to your own MP to ask that archaeology is protected in the planning process. 

We have released a blog that explains why we must not abandon the proven successful relationship that has been established between planning and archaeology.

We need to Speak Up for Archaeology – we need your help and support to do this and make our voice heard.