Dig School

Dig School is an online programme of lively extra-curricular workshops themed around archaeology. Founded during the pandemic, it is made up of a series of 21 completely free, enquiry-based learning-enrichment workshops created by ourselves and Professor Carenza Lewis, of the University of Lincoln and TV's Time Team.

Participants can enjoy developing new knowledge, ideas and transferable skills for life and learning, including excavation. We explore topics focusing on medieval death and disease, prehistoric landscapes, the latest scientific techniques to probe the ground and so much more. 

Each workshop comes with a presentation video to guide you through the activity, a workbook and a support document, plus a short intro video from Professor Carenza Lewis. 

Sessions cover all sorts of topics, including excavation, specific historical periods and archaeological techniques, and the online materials include videos and interactive activities in the shape of challenges, enquiries, puzzles, games, and investigations.