Letters to a Young Archaeologist June 2023

This month members of the Youth Engagement Team at English Heritage asked young volunteers what they would most like to know about life as a heritage professional and, in response, offered personal reflections and career tips for those looking to join the sector. 

Questions came in from the newly formed Young Associates group, members of which meet once a quarter, keep up to date with youth engagement activity at English Heritage and learn about opportunities to get involved in heritage more broadly through monthly email updates from the team. Questions were also received by a number of new first year Young Producers, volunteers who commit time each month to support youth engagement in the organisation and who regularly get involved in projects, training and social activities. You can learn more about both of these groups on the Shout Out Loud website (www.shoutoutloud.org.uk) and while vacancies for new Young Producers won’t open until 2024, the Young Associate scheme is always looking for new members aged 16+. 

There were certainly more questions asked than the team had time to fit into the video, filmed ‘on location’ at an English Heritage site in Bristol, so the team will be in touch with the originators of the questions to share more answers and have more great conversations around careers in heritage! 

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