16 May 2024
by Rose Ferraby and Rob St. John

Soundmarks is an art/archaeology collaboration between Rose Ferraby and Rob St. John using sound and visual art to explore and animate the sub-surface landscapes. Between October 2023 and February 2024 Rose and Rob undertook a period of research and practice with the Roman York Beneath the Streets project resulting in a new exhibition of painting, sound and film – Soundmarks York – which is on show at DIG from 10th February 2024 onwards.

The exhibition is open from 10am-3pm and you can book your tickets via the link below.

You can also follow the sound and art trail exploring York’s hidden Roman history on the Soundmarks website. If you can't get to York, you can follow the trail in your imagination! On the website you will find a map showing a trail around York, with 'soundmarks' to stop at. At each soundmark you can listen to a short sound piece and view the painting that accompanies it.

Soundmarks is about opening up the possibilities of the unseen, finding your own narratives in landscape. We hope you enjoy the journey!



Rose Ferraby and Rob St. John

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Rose Ferraby and Rob St. John