To celebrate the 2023 Festival of Archaeology, the Young Archaeologists’ Club (YAC) has created a bumper resource pack with activity ideas based on the Festival’s theme of Archaeology and Creativity.

Archaeology is about storytelling and archaeologists use creative practices such as art, music, creative writing, poetry and theatre to bring to life the material we uncover and the stories of the places and people around us.

In this new resource pack you will be able to explore this theme through a variety of activities, including creating your own plays, rock art and Viking armour. There’s also an opportunity to explore how you view and understand the world around you and how others do that too.

This resource pack is supported by English Heritage's national youth engagement programme, Shout Out Loud. Both the Young Archaeologists’ Club and Shout Out Loud believe in the power of youth voice; part of which includes providing young people the space to develop and deliver projects of interest to them.

This resource pack has been co-created by young people for young people. Three of the resources have been created by Young Producers from the Shout Out Loud project, Hetty, Niles and Megan. A further three have been created by Amelie who joined the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) as part of her MA work placement and one was created by Beth, who joined the CBA for six months on a Kickstart placement. Together they have created an exciting set of activities aimed at anyone aged 8–16 and are free to access.

We hope you enjoy your creative journey into the world of archaeology and heritage!

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