Coastal and Intertidal Archaeology Activities and Worksheet Booklet

A booklet of information and activity ideas, providing inspiration to help YAC leaders (or educators) explore the rich archaeology of the coastal and intertidal zone with groups of young people.  

The activities have been designed for use with young people aged 8-16 in a range of contexts. They can be used both in the classroom and on-site; they could be used by individuals, families (including home-schoolers), and youth groups, as well as for informal teaching.

The workbook was created after over 30 YAC volunteers from more than 20 of our local hands-on clubs met up in Formby and Southport in Merseyside for the annual YAC Leaders' Weekend. The theme of the weekend was coastal and intertidal archaeology. The resulting booklet was written by Megan Clement, with activities by the Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network (CITiZAN).