16 Jul 2022
by Jo Shoebridge

I've just had a look back to see when I previously did a post for A Day in Archaeology - and I can’t believe it was five years ago! Some things are the same, some things are so very different! The main changes are that I have finally achieved my PhD, and I have the most enjoyable job working for a Visitor Centre on a World Heritage Site where I am responsible for it’s day to day running. I was one of the original volunteers when the Centre opened. I’ve been involved in some archaeological ventures as an independent researcher linked to my PhD in Early Historic South Asian Ceramics and Indian Ocean Networks, and recently, due to the current situation I participated in the Archaeology on Furlough Project.

One thing that has stayed the same is that I’m still teaching courses on a variety of aspects of archaeology for the Workers Education Association (WEA) (link below) as I was five years ago, however at the moment we’re teaching our courses online and I’ve been getting to grips with teaching via Zoom and planning coursework via Canvas.

So, what am I doing today? Well I’m actually on leave from my day job as I should be at the European Association of South Asian Archaeology conference in Barcelona! Sadly, as with so many other events, it has been cancelled for this year. So instead I’m holidaying at home but I have had the opportunity to catch up with a few things before doing 'holiday stuff' tomorrow. Having several roles on the go does mean that time is at a premium, and does need to be planned. It’s good to get a block of time to sort out a few things. So, here’s what’s been on my list today, split up by the different hats I’m wearing!

Independent researcher:

Review a project that I’m involved in

Respond to emails

Check memberships etc are up to date

Further education role:

As my current course finished last week, finalise the paperwork for this.

My next course doesn’t start until September but I’m going to put some planning tasks in the diary for the next couple of weeks.

Update photo library: I keep a database of photographs from visits to different places for students interested in specific subjects. Yesterday I was out walking and passed Black Middens Bastle House (link below) and some of the other Bastle Houses just outside Bellingham in Northumberland, so I took a few pictures there.

Other things…

I’m an Assistant Secretary for the Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland. (link below) Monday is usually my ‘catching up with the mailbox’ evening, so that’s what I’ll be doing later on!

So there’s never a dull moment. Hopefully I won’t leave it 5 years before I check in with you all again..... Find me at @jo_digger or on Linked in.

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