Letters to a Young Archaeologist April 2023

This month, we’re delighted to hear from a collection of voices reflecting on ‘Reclaiming African History’, a project that supported a group of young people with African and/or Caribbean heritage to research African history.

Students were asked to develop projects that responded to the question, ‘What does reclaiming African history mean to you?’ Their creative responses form a central part of the ‘Ode to the Ancestors’ exhibition, which is open until December 2023.

In response to the students’ creativity, Johanna Zetterstrom-Sharp reflects how far their work underlined the “importance of recognizing that whose knowledge counts in the interpretation of history, matters.” 

Watch the video below to hear the full letter, with contributions by curators Sherry Davis and Johanna Zetterstrom-Sharp, students Barakat Omomayowa, Nesserine Bouda, Paige Michel, and Leanne Ingram, and project co-ordinator, Saava Benjamin Busenze Balagadde.

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