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Staging the world of Stonehenge

A decade in the making, the British Museum’s next major exhibition, The world of Stonehenge (17 February – 17 July 2022), contains over 430 astonishing objects drawn from across Britain, Ireland and north-west Europe. The Art Newspaper have featured the exhibition alongside Donatello, Cézanne and the Venice Biennale among ‘The most exciting exhibitions around the world in 2022’, while the Daily Star included it with the FIFA World Cup, Glastonbury and the next Jurassic Park film in their ‘Great things to do in 2022’. It is rare, and deeply heartening, for a museum show to have such broad appeal. But what can visitors expect to see? And how did we arrive here, on the verge of opening one of the largest temporary exhibitions ever staged by the British Museum after a period of unprecedented challenges and disruptions caused by the global pandemic?