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Non-members can book to attend the de Cardi lecture here.

Members are welcome to join us for the AMG on Thursday 9th February 2023 and afterwards for the annual Beatrice de Cardi Lecture. The AGM will commence at 17.15 and the Beatrice de Cardi Lecture at 19:00.

The evening will also see the launch of the 2023 Marsh Community Archaeology Awards, and the 2023 Festival of Archaeology theme.

Non-members will be able to attend the Beatrice de Cardi Lecture, the launch of the 2023 Marsh Community Archaeology Awards, and the announcement of the 2023 Festival of Archaeology theme from 18.30. 

Beatrice de Cardi lecture - The Art of Archaeology with Dr Rose Ferraby

DARK PEAK_Rose Ferraby_web res.jpg

'Dark Peak' by Rose Ferraby

Archaeology creates connections across time and between people. It is a process through which to explore our changing relationship with the world. The sense of wonder and discovery that archaeology brings is what attracts so many of us to explore the past. The more we see and learn, the better able we are to imagine vanished places and people. How might art capture these elusive stories and feelings found in archaeological landscapes and materials? And how do the shared processes involved in art and archaeology open up new perspectives on the past?

You can find out more about Rose and her work in the bio below. 


17:00    Zoom Webinar Open

17.15    CBA AGM

18.30    Video: The CBA in 2022

18.45    Marsh Community Archaeology Awards - Launch

19.00    Beatrice de Cardi Lecture: Dr Rose Ferraby, Archaeologist and Artist

20.05    Launch of 2023 Festival of Archaeology Theme

20.15    Close

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