25 May 2023

CBA statement on the 2023 Festival of Archaeology launch event at Powis Castle

CBA statement on the 2023 Festival of Archaeology launch event at Powis Castle.

This year the Council for British Archaeology are holding the launch event for this year’s Festival of Archaeology at Powis Castle in collaboration with the National Trust.

The Council for British Archaeology (CBA) acknowledges that there are challenging colonial histories associated with the Clive Collection at Powis Castle. The collection is a gathering of over 1,000 objects from South and East Asia, dating from about 1600 to the 1830s. This collection was assembled by generations of the Clive family during the British colonisation of the Indian subcontinent and came to Powis Castle in the early 19th century. The collection marks a turbulent time in history but also celebrates world-class artistry and design. We acknowledge that the National Trust is working to reinterpret the collection and reflect the stories associated with it.

The CBA believes it is important to help people understand the many different aspects and feelings places and objects have for different people. Our history shapes our present, and that includes the aspects which have led to inequalities and prejudices in our modern society. Many aspects of heritage values and meaning are contested. While some people draw positive associations from them, other people find them painful, traumatic and difficult.

Our open approach is reflected in a set of CBA Behaviours we have established over the last year to underpin our core vision, mission and values. For more information please see the CBA’s Statement on Equity and Inclusion in Archaeology and Heritage. You can also find a range of resources and links via our Equity and Inclusion Hub.  

If you would like to find out more about the activties taking place over the launch weekend please have a look at our event listings:

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