14 Dec 2023

Has your group or society ceased operating in the last five years?

Dear Friends of the CBA and Archaeology,

Over the last three months, we have been conducting a survey seeking to build a picture of community and grassroots archaeology in the UK.

This will help us understand what we need to do to better support these groups and champion archaeology today. We have been delighted by the response with over 250 responses from organisations that are members of the CBA and those outside our network.

We are now contacting a sample of organisations who offered one-to-one follow-up discussions and we are hosting a number of Zoom discussions looking at the initial results. We will be compiling and analysing the results in January.

However, we do have one final ask: We would like to hear from anyone who was part of an archaeological group or society that has ceased operating in the last five years.

If you would like to contact us via our email [email protected] we would like to arrange a short interview to understand the reasons why the group or society has ceased operating.

If you know of anyone who might be able to help us please do pass on this message. It will help us build our picture of grassroots and community archaeology in the UK.

We will keep this call open until 12 pm on Monday 8th January 2024.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

The CBA Team